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Fun In The Sun?

cyclePosted by Jon Entwistle Mon, April 17, 2017 11:42:48

Some folk say I'm lucky. Two holidays in the Iberian sunshine sandwiched between an unseasonably warm and sunny week in deepest, darkest Aberdeenshire. All of it just riding my bike.

In my world, there's no such thing as luck and if there is you make it yourself. And if there is such a thing, then the converse is true - and I've had more than my share of bad luck, for which I have no desires to bore you to death with any negativity. Nope, it's all positive these days. Nothing to lose, everything to gain.

I digress, again.

Fun in the sun?

The first trip was an impromptu pub conversation (in the newly refurbished Learney Arms) that actually went north for once, once the beer started to flow. And before we knew it, the Torphins Typhoons flew south and landed in Mallorca!

Four days of riding our bikes. For me no heroics. I was simply shattered. More mentally than physically. The last 6 months had all been about change and survival - and as per usual I survived with flying colours, but everyone has a limit and I was beginning to reach mine. After being referred to a neurologist over a decade ago to diagnose an episode of serious and bizarre myalgia, I now know the signals and signs, but more importantly how to manage it. It was time for time out!

So I just rode my bike, three days at Point Six in the company of the evergreen and a proper multi Scottish road race and TT champion - Willie Gibb. We met on the first climb on the first day and instantly he became an honorary Typhoon. We just rode here, there, everywhere and he knew the best roads, cafes and places to drink beer in the afternoon sun. He also gave some great advice for my third season and racing career which is only still in its infancy.

I returned from Mallorca mentally recharged and actually buzzing. I tested the legs on a popular local climb and found myself in rude form. Good. Ahead of schedule.

So next Portugal's Algarve. A family holiday. Fourteen celebrating my Dad's 70th birthday. Bike hired from Tom and Catarina at Swift Momentum Sports. An Orbea road bike, aluminium, but no worse than the Pinarello carbon bike I'd hired in Mallorca. I grew quite fond of it over the days. But the riding was tough as this time I was physically tired. My annual spring cold triggered by early season pollen had arrived on time and I spent five days nursing myself through it without compromising the fitness and form. It's something I've mastered over the years as my coached clients will testify and this time I got to practice what I preach on myself. Validation. Authenticity.

I started to feel better as the days wore on but my mental state started to challenge me again. Day after day fasted riding, 5 hours, no breakfast, no food, no water, beating sun, takes it toll. But I had planned this. Without the fuel of motivation provided by negativity and realising I no longer have anything to prove, I needed to challenge myself again, to ensure the wee battleship is still battle hardened. I found a solution to get me through it. Another feather in the cap. A technique I can pass on to my clients. I always eat my own dog food (though sometimes it's Wasabi, but that's a blog post for another day).

What was it fun in the sun? Of course it was. For me life is about challenging yourself and dealing with the ups and downs rather than flatlining at zero and doing nothing. If you don't taste the sour you won't savour the sweet. I admit I need to get better at the latter, but I now have the right people in my world that encourage me to do just that. True friends.

Onwards and upwards. Keep moving. I'll rest when I'm dead!

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