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cyclePosted by Jon Entwistle Fri, February 03, 2017 08:40:46

Before I started blogging about my cycling exploits by offloading whatever’s wibbling away in my wee head, I use to occasionally blog about the weather. In fact I use to have a weather station which posted real time data to my weather blog page. I rather enjoy being a weather geek (and I’ve got a thing about Scottish snow patches too)…

I don’t know why I stopped blogging about the weather. It’s one of my true passions in life. It’s the only reason why I went to University. At the age of fourteen I was encapsulated by Meteorology and desperately wanted be that man on the telly at the end of the news (despite being the bringer of bad news and being solely responsible for ruining the summer BBQ or responsible for trees falling down). And the only route was a degree from a select few Universities dotted around the country.

It wasn’t easy journey, I was low in confidence, but high in motivation and so I simply studied hard despite being told I wasn't academic. I went through my usual story of being underestimated (this time by ambitious-less teachers and lecturers) who told my parents I would never make the grade which as you can guess only adds rocket fuel to my fire. Free and easy motivation. Yet another point to prove in the journey of life. I don’t like being underestimated for the sole reason that as I simply do not underestimate anyone at all. Period.

Despite nine years studying at Edinburgh University, I never made it into Meteorology. The usual story and a circle I will never square? Not at all. I would argue I have “made it” in a way, just not in the eyes of the Met. Office.

How? Well instead I get to use all those years of studying to good effect and as cyclist who has avoided the turbo trainer for nearly three winters I pick and choose when the best time is to go out and ride my bike. I can easily spot weather windows, when I can’t be bothered attaching a snorkel to my bike helmet and I can also manage the converse, like when storm Frank came to visit at the back end of 2015 and some much needed wet weather Puffer training and waterproof gear testing was on the training menu.

Once again I just haven’t realised it, because I haven’t thought about it. Always moving forwards. But weather is and an integral part of my job – which is to ride bikes outdoors. Even when I’m racing the weather plays a huge part to the point that when I’m time trialling some folk describe me as the wind guru. I guess that Master’s degree in Meteorology and PhD measuring turbulence have finally come to the fore. I just took a 15 year hiatus being distracted by IT and the oil industry, but it’s finally come to fruition. Typical me, I just haven’t seen it. But I do now. And thanks to some encouragement from my wonderful friend Ny, I am going to start weather blogging again. Time to get super geeky and eventually get that weather station up and running again!

But let’s rewind and take stock. How did I get here? Well it’s really down to you again Mum and Dad (in more ways than one, ahem). For nearly 45 years you’ve 100% backed me whether it be the current or forthcoming business ventures but more importantly from the age of fourteen you supported me then, inspired me to be ambitious, told me anything is possible, taught me to ignore the naysayers; simply because I had a dream of becoming a weather mannie. And in my own little world that’s exactly what I’ve become.

A dream that has come true.

I guess if you aim for Jupiter, you may get to the moon!

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